Yes, Mrs May

Just as endless Escape to the Country was starting to wear a bit thin, the Brexit fiasco happened and boy has that kept me hooked. After putting Matilda down for her afternoon nap on Wednesday I made myself a cuppa and sat down for another riveting instalment of Prime Ministers Question time, when the following thoughts struck me….


Does Theresa May remind anyone else of that new teacher in school who comes in and is immediately REALLY strict and REALLY scary? She dolls out detentions like no ones business, sets loads of homework and even gives the class swot only 7/10 on their essay.mrs may

You find yourself thinking wistfully back to those relaxed old days of Mr Cameron, despite his irking faux trendy ‘just call me Dave-ness’, obvious aversion to the free school meal kids and weird obsession with pork. You’re actually sad to see him go. His wife seemed quite nice, so surely he couldn’t have been that bad.

But now Mrs May is firmly in charge and blimey don’t we know it. Hair is brushed (even that scruffy blonde boy who once got stuck on the zip wire in the park) and socks are literally and metaphorically pulled up. And did you see the ticking off she gave that naughty boy Jeremy in the other class? Mrs May’s death stare is enough to stop even the most wayward pupil in their tracks. Corbyn-598949

One things for sure I would love to be a fly on the staff room wall when Mrs May meets the equally formidable Head of German, Frau Merkel….


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