The Similarities between feeding a baby and feeding Henry VIII….


1.There you go, take your position in your highchair/throne at the head of the table. Your subjects crowd around, raptured by your mere presence.


2.Here darling your favourite chicken casserole lovingly prepared by your dutiful parents.

Here your highness, your favorite chicken casserole carefully prepared by your humble serfs.

-‘What do you mean it’s not your favorite any more? *food goes flying through the air*


3.‘Here darling, have your sippy cup. Water yum yum!’

‘Here your Highness, your favorite pitcher of ale’.

-What do you mean you don’t want it? *cup/pitcher goes flying through the air*


4.Maybe some entertainment will lighten the mood to get some food into baby/stop servants heads rolling.

-Cue Jester/mum dancing around like a Jester.


6.How about we try some Beef. Phew you like it. Why don’t you share with your sister?



7. Ok, it’s gone, really none left…. Please stop that tantrum. Really please stop. STOP IT. Where’s that Jester again?


8. Fine. You can have some pudding.   SLOW DOWN. Seriously slow down, you’ll be sick.

-‘Too late.’


henry 2


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