How do the KNOW?????

‘Are you getting much sleep?’ is up there in the top 5 questions asked to new parents. And so far, I’ve been relatively lucky. Matilda is definitely not one of those babies who slept through consistently from 8 weeks (I wish!), but has been sleeping through consistently for the last few months with only a couple of exceptions.
A couple of very notable exceptions that is. I have been ‘out out’ a handful of times since Matilda was born and each time she’s woken up. I’m not even exaggerating.


Hello old friend!

Take occasion 1.
A girly dinner. Not even really ‘out out’, but the first time I went out, let my hair down and had more than a couple of glasses of wine in aaaaaaaaaages. Like 9months of pregnancy and 6 months of baby aaaaaaaaaaaages. Prior to this I was just too scared to attempt to look after a baby whilst suffering the hellish combination of tiredness and hangover. And I adore wine, and gin, and cocktails…
So anyway, girls night dinner. We ate, we drank, we giggled and like Cinderella at the stroke of midnight I was merrily (perhaps a little too merrily) ensconced in an uber on my way home. I felt smug in the knowledge I had a blissful 6 hours of sleep ahead of me.

3:30am ‘ wah, wah WAAAAAAAH’. Baby girl rolled on to her tummy and scared herself awake. Thirty minutes of settling later I tiptoed back to bed only for it to happen all over again two hours later. Great.

Occasion 2.
About a month later I decided to try going out again. And this time it was ‘out out’ proper. I was meeting up with my girls on a Saturday night for dinner, drinks and even chat of a nightclub, yes NIGHTCLUB.
I dolled myself up and put on my brand new dress (£12 Zara bargain, thank you!) while daddy did tea time and bath time, before I said night night and put Matilda to bed as if it were any other totally normal, totally average night.


Mum’s night out! Oh dear…

Now I actually think Matilda was doing a bit for gender equality here. Due to me a) having boobs b) my husband working long hours, I’ve been the one dealing with everything that occurs in the night. Matilda clearly decided it was daddy’s turn:
8pm she woke up.
11pm she woke up.
1 am she woke up.
2:30 a very tipsy but ever so quiet mummy tip toed in
3:27 ‘wah, wah, WAAAAAAAAH’ as the husband rolled over donning ear plugs (I would have been raging if I wasn’t so tired) Mummy gets/stumbles up.

The next night she slept perfectly. And the next, and the next, and the next….

So we decided to go out again.

Cue occasion 3.
Uncle Matthew and Aunty Orla happily agreed to babysit and all was set for a parents night out. ‘She’ll be fine, she never wakes up at this time’ I shouted as I sprinted out of the door at the strike of 7pm.
8:30pm ‘wah, wah, WAAAAAAAH! Poor Uncle and Aunty tried milk, water, bedtime stories, taking Matilda to see the cats all to no avail. In the end they all settled in for a jolly evening watching Celebrity First Dates until mummy and daddy got home.


What else are fun uncles for?

It was my birthday last weekend and so to avoid a repeat performance we called in the big guns. Yes, that’s right, Grandma came to stay. Matilda obviously knew there was to be know messing about with Grandma in the house and slept, well like a baby. A very good baby.

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8 thoughts on “How do the KNOW?????

  1. pottyadventures says:

    This is SO true! It’s like they have some innate sensor when we are doing anything that resembles our pre-child life haha. We have two under 3 and one sleeps like a dream while the other is the anti-sleep devil! Thanks for sharing.
    Potty Adventures

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Louise says:

    Glad to hear that Matilda slept well when you called in the big guns! So typical when they wake up on nights like this when they sleep well otherwise – it is like they know. I can guarantee that the one time I need to have my children asleep by the time they normally are asleep by is the one time they will resist bedtime for as long as possible!

    Liked by 1 person

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