Fatgirl Slim: All The Gear No Idea

Ever heard the expression ‘All the Gear No Idea’? That accurately sums me up at the moment. In my bid to get fit I took a deep dive into the back recesses of my wardrobe and hauled out all my sports kit. Urgh. My leggings are practically see through and my sports tops are all faded and far too tight. It’s definitely all a bit pongy too…

Time for some new kit.  Now, I’ve noticed that the fashion has changed quite a lot since I was last donning a PE kit. Nowadays everyone is wearing sports wear ALL THE TIME. My mum and I went out for brunch a couple of weeks ago and we were the only customers in the entire café to not be wearing immaculate, gorgeous sportswear. I’m guessing this wasn’t a conference of stylish PE teachers but rather the so called ‘athleisure’ trend Style magazine has told me about.

Suffice to say, with all this trendy kit for just sitting in cafes, there is no way I can actually do exercise in my horrid old manky leggings. I NEED new jazzy leggings and brightly colored trainers. Once again I was faced with no alternative than to throw money at the problem. Plus I can justify it as I’ll defo wear them when I go out for my morning bacon sarnie kale juice.


Surely no one actually likes kale juice, do they?

Always a sucker for a good old celebrity endorsement my first stop was Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. The website is full of pictures of impossibly toned models in beautiful brightly coloured outfits looking all tanned and healthy saluting the sun on an empty beach. It was great. That would be me. I immediately signed up to become a VIP member and ordered one of Kate’s ‘recommended’ outfits:


That’s me, honest….

When it arrived I excitedly grabbed it from the postman and rushed upstairs to try it on. I love the top. It’s as blue as it looks in the pictures, falls really nicely and feels decent quality.

I’ve not been so taken with the leggings. Firstly, the print was much more military than the picture shows. And they made my thighs look fat. Of course one could argue that any tight fitting leggings would make my thighs look fat, due to the fat thighs in question. Still I wanted to buy the slim, lean thighs of the models on the Fabletics websites. SULK. The fabric however is really high quality – 90% cotton and really thick. I would say too thick for summer leggings but I’ll definitely be keeping for winter. I’ll have thin thighs by then too.

So now in summary:

Total kit spend: £144 (the Misfit, top and leggings)

Exercise classes attended: 2 (YAY!)

Daily 6am morning runs completed: 0

Any runs attempted: 0

Pounds lost: a very surprising 4, YAY!

Seriously though, any recommendations for not too pricey, fashionable lightweight leggings? Would love to hear if so!

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7 thoughts on “Fatgirl Slim: All The Gear No Idea

  1. 2travellingtots says:

    Try TK MAXX I got some amazingly comfy and very funky yoga pants (also known as leggings) from there for £16 and i LOVE them! So so comfy! Now I just need to find the motivation for the kale juice……

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  2. Notmyyearoff says:

    I have no idea rally but I’ve seen Next have some nice stuff. My trainers are about 8 years old and I’ve worn them once. They are probably so out of fashion but I wouldn’t T have a clue 🙂 I do want to start walking and running at least a little bit though!

    Liked by 1 person

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