My 1 Month Blog-iversary

It’s official…I’ve been a blogger for one whole month!

1st month

This time one month ago I put finger to keypad and pressed ‘go’, taking my first tentative steps into the blogosphere.  I thought all you had to do was write a bit, press post and that was that. Turns out that is all there is to it, but much, much more as well.

I mean had you ever heard of a linky? Me neither… Know what code is? Not a scooby… And don’t even get me started on the social media. ‘Too many tweets does a tw*t make’ was always my attitude, but I’m (slowly) starting to get my head round it.  Sure, twitter befuddles me, and I still feel a bit iffy selfy-ing and baby spamming all over instagram.  But do you know what? I’m sort of getting into it and seeing all the good things social media can engender.  I mean, I’ve a developed a massive girl crush on J K Rowling based on her brilliant twitter feed. Even if you’re a twitter-phobe check it out, she’s FAB.   Plus, we’ve got the same birthday and by the logic that a 23rd March birthday makes you an Olympic Champion, a 31st July birthday makes you an awesome writer. Obviously.


So, on this 1 month anniversary I would like to say some thank you’s.

To Camilla with the brilliant Blog, Flamingo Monroe.  Can you tell yours was an inspiration? I mean they even look the sort of similar (blush).  To Nat at Mum in Brum your blog is just so pretty, you write so well and it’s full of fantastic tips and content.  I’ve referred back to both of these time and time again to see how ‘proper’ bloggers do things!

To all the linky hosts I’ve joined in, thank you!  And apologies for all the blogging faux pas I’ve made on my way…

And most importantly, thank you everyone who has read my blog over the last month.  That’s around 1,000 of you – I actually can’t believe it. I am really humbled that so many of you have taken the time to read my random little thoughts. Thank you.



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